"Global Education" organization in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia

«Global Education» organization visited an international educational fair in Malaysia with a view to represent a group of Top Russian Universities. Over a number of years Russian higher education takes leading positions as a destination of abroad studies among Malaysian prospective students. Traditionally medical studies are very popular in Malaysia, though the interest towards technical and engineering fields of studies is increasing.

Upon graduation from Russian State Universities coming back to Malaysia the graduates get important positions as Russian education is considered as a high quality and prestigious education. The Government of Malaysia pay extra attention to the quality of international education, thus graduates of recognized Russian Universities get more important positions and advantages at the labor market Malaysia and other countries.

The international fair , held in Malaysia March 2018 met not only Russian Universities represented by «Global Education» organization, but also our western counterparts, the biggest American and European Universities, though it was mentioned that the «Global Education» stand “Study in Russia”  was all the rage.

«Global Education» organization is pleased to welcome international students at Top Russian Universities and Colleges!