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Don’t know where to study? Help you to make right choice!
Don’t know what documents you need? Help you to process documents and to get final dossier!
Don’t know where to get Invitation Letter for studies? Help you to get Invitation letter for studies and will send you the original!
Are worried about visa?

Give you visa assistance!

Are afraid to lose your bearing in another country? Meet you at an airport and accompany you to a students’ hostel!
Don’t know where to live? Help you with accommodation in comfortable students’ hostels or help you to rent a flat!
Don’ t know who you may address if you have any queries? Are always in touch with you!
Your parents are worried about you?

Get into touch with them during all your tutorial in Russia!

Are worried about University recognition? Offer you only recognized State Universities and secondary vacation schools!
Have already decided to come to Russia to study with «Global Education»?

Are waiting for you in our offices!

And are always at your disposal!